On-Demand Custom Prosthetic Fingers


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Scan 2 Print Program


Order a prosthetic, Scan your hand, and we will ship a customized Fingy right to your door!

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Core features of all Fingy3D products.

  • Nylon

    Incredibly resilliant, Fingys are made of durable and skin friendly materials.

  • Custom Sizing

    We scan and size your prosthetic for an 'only you' fit.

  • Jointed

    Fingys offer a smooth range of motion with our efficient joint design.

  • Flex Fit

    Our flex band design provides all day comfort from swelling and shrinking.

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We are making finger prosthetics that don't cost an arm and a leg. By leveraging AI, Technology, and Design; we are changing the world of prosthetics one digit at a time.

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The Fingy3D Guarantee

Partnerships Not Products

30 Day Warranty

We recognize if a product has a problem in the first 30 days, we've made a mistake. We'll fix it or provide a partial refund.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Fingy Prosthetics are designed to keep up with your life. If it can't, return it and we'll send you a new one.

Lifetime Plans Available (coming soon)

New color, New sizings, New versions. Subscribe and update your prosthetic every year.

Love It Or Leave It

From devices to service, we strive to provide customers with an unbeatable experience.