Fingers are a funny thing aren’t they? Something so small can make huge impacts on daily living, especially if one day they are gone. That’s what plastic surgeon, Dr. Tom McClellan realized over his career in repairing and amputating fingers. Holding coins, grabbing a pencil, and taking a sip of water were all challenges his patients faced as they adjusted to living with a missing digit. 

Surprisingly, modifying hands with a finger prosthetic cost time and money with thousands of dollars in upfront costs, multiple trips to be properly fitted, and maybe a hotel stay or two depending on where you live. These compounding challenges were something that Dr. McClellan believed he could fix by starting Fingy3D: low cost, 3d printed prosthetic fingers shipped right to your door.

Fingy3D has two aims: Make prosthetics truly accessible for all people and develop finger prosthetics that are natural and low profile. 

The process is pretty simple. You order a prosthetic online and take a picture using your smartphone. Fingy3D’s AI scanner sizes your finger and generates a custom prosthetic to fit a figure just right. Over two years of development has led to Fingy3D’s Scan-To-Print system that allows us to manufacture and ship custom prosthetics to the highest mountain or the lowest valley.

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