The Fingy3D Process

About Our Prosthetics

Fingy3D prosthetics are rigid, jointed finger devices that help wearers regain finger reach, grip strength, and dexterity.

Our prosthetics are functional devices made from a hard nylon material and use machined screws to support the joints. Our devices are stiff which allow users to perform tasks and apply force to them. We do not offer skin matching or realistic silicone devices.

Fingy3D offers a range of products to support several different types of amputations. For fingers: PIP & DIP amputations; for thumbs: thumb tips, IP, & MP amputations.

Fitting Process

Device are custom fitted using photo scanning technology and customers can order and customize their device from home. All you need is a smartphone to take a photo and email or attach the photo to your online order. You can purchase a custom device directly from our online store and pay with a selection of payment methods. You may also qualify for buy now pay later services.

Once your device is ordered, a Fingy3D technician will review your images and may request additional photos or information depending on your unique case. Once sizing is confirmed, your device is design and created using advanced 3d printing technology. All devices are assembled and shipped in approximately 4 weeks.

Receiving Your Device

You should receive a shipping notification when your device has shipped.

Once it arrives, you will be able to try on your device and confirm that the fit is comfortable and functional. Devices should not be so tight that you experience discoloration, swelling, or bruising on your finger. Devices should not be so loose that it slides off easily or too much wiggle room does not give you control over your device.

Resizing A Device

If you do experience sizing issues with your device, no worries! We guarantee a proper fit for your device. You will have 30 days from your delivery date to initiate the resizing process otherwise additional fees may apply.

When resizing devices, we will ask for a photo of you wearing your device if possible or additional sizing photos. In addition, we may schedule a video call to discuss finer details if necessary. We will resize your device as many times as necessary to achieve a proper fit.


Once your fitted device is delivered we will uphold a 1 year limited manufacture’s warranty for device failures under normal daily use.

After the 1 year term, we will offer return customers a discount for replacement devices if refitting is not required.